Phone / GPS Mounting bar for the CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800

You can never have too many mount points when out on an adventure. This page will demonstrate the installation of a mount between the wind shield and the instrument display. No modifications needed, the complete install is bolt in and can be reversed.

Step 1 – Removing Windsheilds

Start by removing the front windshield. 4 Allen key bolts. 

There is an smaller deflector screen that needs to be removed next (pictured). 4 Allen key bolts as well.

Step 2 – Prepare Mount Point

Remove the 4 silver Allen bolts

Step 3 – Mount bracket

Align the bracket mounting points with the bolt holes where you removed the silver Allen key bolts, and use the same bolts to secure the bracket

Step 4 – Reinstall Windscreens

You can now restore the wind deflector and wind screen back onto the motorcycle.

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