Gear Shifter Height Adjustment

The gear shifter on a CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800 plays a big part in rideability. When the 800MT / Ibex 800 is equiped with a Quickshifter it is very easy to perform fast shifts when on the go.

Unforuntaleyt this also means when it is far too easy to accidently hit with your foot while riding.

The good news is that is it quite easy to adjust the lever to suit your riding style.

You start by removing this shield as shown with one bolt already removed

Underneath you will then be able to access the gear shifter linkage

In this example the adjusting bolts have been marked with green paint

These were the positions marked by the dealer when the motorcycle was assembled

To adjust you need to loosen the inner bolt at both ends.

You can then spin the bar to screw it in/out which will cause it to lengthen/shorten.

This adjusts the resting height of the gear selector.

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