CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800 Adjustable Clutch Arm or ‘One Finger Clutch’

This modification will use a longer arm on the clutch mechanism to reduce the lever pressure required to engage the clutch. It is a simple install but can be done incorrectly and make your motorcycle unrideable so take your time to install this correctly.

The hardware and method is identical to those used on the KTM 790 Adventure with which the CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800 shares its engine and gearbox.

Remove the existing arms

It is advisable to mark where the original equipment was aligned.

Remove the two bolts holding the base. You can then remove the cable from the arm by twisting it off. Remove the bolt holding the arm and the arm will slide up. The cable will need to removed from the base by removing one of the two bolts and the rubber protector out enough to slide it out of the base.

Standard clutch arm

Install the new arm and base

Using the original install locations as a guide, loosely fit the new arm and base. The new items have more adjustment available and will need to be moved around to work correctly. You can use the original bolts to mount the new arm and base to the motorcycle. The arm has a new bolt to use on the catch as it is also adjustable.

Replacement arm


The base should be loosely tightened but not completely yet. It will need to move around to align correctly with the longer arm. The motorcycle clutch has an internal spring that needs to be moved into the correct position before tighting the arm. Make sure the clutch lever on the handlebars is in its resting position. Have the arm with the cable installed. Using a flat bladed screwdriver or similar place a slight load on the notch in the direction that the arm will move when the clutch lever is pulled. This is hold the actual clutch in a postiotion so that the movement on the arm will disengage the clutch completely but allow it to still fully engage when no preassure is on the hand lever. While holding the clutch in position you can now tighten both the arm and base. Once it is tight and installed you can test for clutch feel and adjust as need using either the cable bolts on the base or by adjusting the arm position.

Final install, note the position of the green mark is similar
to the factory install.

Test ride

Time to take a ride. You will want to take it easy and get a feel for where the new setup bites and releases the clutch. You will be looking for issues such as an inability to engage the clutch (too tight), slow ride with the clutch or slippage at high speeds (too loose).

Adjust again if need be

Mark again where the arm and base is at and make minor adjustments to get the clutch working exactly where you want it.

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